The World Snowshoe Association (formerly known as the ISSF) is a non-profit, international sports federation, that was founded in 2010


The primary mission of the WSSF is to serve as the international governing body for the Sport of Snowshoe Racing and to assist in the organization and governance of the various national governing bodies for Snowshoe Racing around the World.

The WSSF Congress meeting is held annually, usually just prior to the the WSSF World Snowshoe Championships.

The current slate of WSSF officers is as follows:

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Monika Owczarek, President – Canada

Monika has been involved in the sport of snowshoeing for the past 10 years, as a competitive athlete, ambassador and Founder of Snowshoe Canada.

As a leader, she has lead teams in nonprofit, startup and multinational organizations, and teaches business at a University. Her background is strategy, management, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Monika has excelled academically and holds an international MBA.

When not snowshoeing, Monika stays active by competing at high level, competitive trail running and cycling events. 



Marcy Schwam, Vice President – USA

Marcy Schwam is a former world record holder in long distance ultra running.  She held world records from distances of 50 miles to six-day races.  She was the first female to run 50 miles in under six hours.

Marcy began snowshoeing in 1995 and turned to racing in 2010.  She has collected numerous age group awards at the US Snowshoe Nationals and World Championships.

Throughout her career at Reebok, Marcy was the pillar of Reebok’s Sponsorship of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  This provided Marcy with extensive knowledge in working with the non-profit sector.  She currently works in middle management at her local YMCA, where she continues to work with non-profit programs.

Marcy is on the Board of the US Snowshoe Association, representing New England and serves as the Vice President of the World Snowshoe Federation.



Andrew Snook, Secretary – Canada

Andrew Snook is an avid runner who has competed in four World Snowshoe Championships. In the summer he has a packed schedule of trail races ranging from 5km to 60km, but the highlight of his running year is always the World Snowshoe Championships.

Andrew co-founded a software startup called StreamOn in 2006. He grew the company to become a well known brand within broadcast technology, which led to a successful acquisition of the company in 2015.



Andrew Dunn, Treasurer - Canada

Andrew Dunn is a sports enthusiast, competing in hockey, golf, and softball. Completing 65 parachute descents with the Canadian Military, he is always seeking the thrill of an adrenaline rush.

Andrew has been deployed to the Arctic multiple times with the 3 rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, where snowshoeing is a prevalent way of life. Every winter for the past 9 years he has conducted and led marches of various lengths ranging from 3km to 30km in extreme conditions.

While in transition from the military, Andrew is head of purchasing and the Second in Command at the PPCLI KitShop. While managing the KitShop, he is enrolled full time at MacEwan University taking accounting where he has done exceptionally well academically.



In addition to these WSSF officers,

current WSSF Executive Committee members include:

Christian Zandonella- Italy
Annmaree Scanlan– Japan  
Arkadi Klepinin – Russia
Oscar Sebrango – Spain
Marcus Fink (Non-voting member)

Ethics Committee Members
Chairman: Mark Elmore - USA
Jonny Brunner - Germany
James Tucker - USA

Board of Appeals
Chairman: James Tucker - USA
Mark Elmore - USA
Philipp Gary Smith - USA


Race Committee Members
Monika Owczarek - Canada
Christian Zandonella - Italy
Abid Khan - India