WSSF Membership Benefits

2019-2020 Membership Application

The primary mission of the WSSF is to serve as the international governing body for the sport of snowshoe racing, and to assist in the organization and governance of the various national governing bodies for Snowshoe racing around the world.  

With a membership, you will support the WSSF's ongoing initiatives to grow the sport, provide opportunities for racing through World and Continental championships, and support our efforts to make the sport of snowshoe racing a future Olympic Sport. 

As the WSSF serves its members and their interests, members are entitled to have a say in the direction of the organization and are included in WSSF communication through periodic newsletters. 

Depending on the level of membership, additional benefits are provided as a thank you for your contribution. These include WSSF embroidered merchandise, special invitations to member-only events and VIP seating. 

Thank you for your support! 

As a nonprofit organization, we would not be able to continue to operate without your support and we greatly value our members. 

2019-2020 Membership Application


Current WSSF Membership

Svenska Gång- och Vandrarförbundet ( Swedish Walking Association ) - Sweden

Japan Snowshoeing Federation

United States Snowshoe Association, Inc.

Societa Podistica Novella - La Ciaspolada - Italy

CadorEventi A.S.D. - Italy

Pro Loco Vezzy D'Oglio - Italy

Snowshoe Canada - Canada

Snowshoe Federation of India (SSFI) - India

Midnight Sun Marathon - Norway

Business Members
TSL Outdoors of France
Northern Lite Snowshoe Co. of U.S.A.